A little bit about myself.

Design is a constantly evolving field.

An entrepreneur, developer, and founder of tvledesign LLC, I don’t just play games, I bring them to life. I hold a deep-seated belief in the power of creative expression, and discovered my passion for turning concepts into reality as a web and game developer, and the founder of two successful businesses. I enjoy flexing my imagination to push boundaries and shake up the status quo. Whether I’m working closely with clients or managing my team, I approach each project with the high energy and exceptional dedication I’ve built my reputation on.

It all started in high school when I discovered my first coding tutorial. Since those early days, I have received my Bachelor’s in Game Design, and am in the process of obtaining my Master’s in Experience Design from DePaul University. By elevating my skills from hobby to career, I’ve had the privilege of working with businesses of all sizes and individuals from all walks of life. I’m passionate about education, and use my blog, individual tutoring, and workshop sessions to empower the freelance community.

In an increasingly digital world, design is a constantly evolving field, but I’ve dedicated myself to keeping on the cutting edge. With my dedication not only to craft, but to bettering the community, I’m motivated to revolutionize the field and open doors for the next generation of gamers and developers.

Meet My Team

Gareth Lynch


Jen Klingberg


Joe Song

Quality Assurance